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Somatic Psychotherapy

Most of the time we are caught up in our thoughts, unaware and out of touch with what we are currently feeling and experiencing. Unknowingly we are reacting to life based on what has happened in the past leaving us fearful and anxious about the future. We find ourselves in the same situations or relationships again and again but we don’t know how we got there.

In an environment that is supportive and safe, the therapist helps us to recognise the ways in which we view the world. This gives us the opportunity to notice how we are reacting and what we are feeling in relation to the many situations we are faced with. These reactions and feelings are often based on events and the environment we found ourselves in from the past. We can clearly see how we live our lives and the many influences upon it. This allows us to make more choices based upon what is happening now, not driven by the events of the past or by our hopes and fears for the future.

Somatic psychotherapy is appropriate for childhood and more recent shock and trauma which can be a contributing cause for serious mental illness including depression, anxiety and certain personality disorders. It is also useful in grief and loss, for relationship issues and changing life circumstances that leave us feeling dissatisfied or confused.

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