Kellie Ellington ND BHSc DBM

Rebecca Cook Adv.Dip Nat, AdvDipHM

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Kelllie is available Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and alternate Saturdays

Rebecca is available Wednesday, Thursday, alternate Saturdays


$95 / initial session (allow 1 – 1.5 hrs)

from $60 – $75 / subsequent session

$70 / session Concessions/ Children

Rebates are available from all private health funds

Naturopathy is a holistic system of medicine that focuses on the underlying causes of illness and disease, including physical, emotional and lifestyle factors. Naturopathy provides the foundation of real preventative health care, where we focus on keeping our clients well, not waiting for them to become ill.

Our naturopaths work with herbal medicine, dietary changes, nutritional supplements, Bach Flowers, homeopathic remedies, bodywork, iridology, and/or counseling, depending on each individual’s needs and requirements. Ultimately it is often about finding balance in all aspects of our lives.

We generally start with the all important fundamentals of building health which include a good healthy, wholesome diet and regular exercise, looking at how to manage stress levels and of course making sure our clients are getting some good quality rest.

Naturopathy is helpful for a wide range of health concerns: menstrual problems, pregnancy and childbirth to menopause; children’s health; digestive system disturbances including inflammatory bowel diseases, liver and gall bladder disorders; stress related illness, anxiety and mild depression; immune system weakness; respiratory infections; chronic and life threatening illnesses.

We are experienced in treating people who are taking other medications and are happy to work with their medical practitioner.


CANCER AND NATUROPATHY – a holistic approach to healing.

More and more now, people undergoing treatment for cancer and who are recovering from treatments given for cancer are looking towards natural therapies to help support their healing and improve overall quality of life.

Being diagnosed with cancer can be an overwhelming and sometimes frightening experience.  It sends you on a flurry of appointments, blood tests, scans, possible surgery and more appointments.  It is a difficult and exhausting time.  Time moves quickly and sometimes very slowly and there may be months of chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy.

A Naturopathic based approach can support patients through this difficult time. We do this through helping with stress levels and improving sleep, or promoting healing after surgery, bolstering the immune system and helping to ease the side effects of conventional cancer treatments.  There is a growing body of evidence to support the use of herbal and nutritional medicine in both cancer prevention, when used as a supportive therapy during chemotherapy/radiotherapy and to help recovery.

We will help you to establish and integrate a sensible, nourishing diet to make sure your body is getting and utilising the vital nutrients it needs to repair and stay well.  This may also be supported by prescribing extra nutritional supplements specific to your needs, or herbal medicine to help restore organ function, strengthen the gut and the immune system and improve energy levels, all of which get knocked around after conventional cancer treatments.

For those who have finished treatment, and for those wanting to improve their overall health, this is a great time to focus on you and review your goals and priorities. This is also important for anyone with a family history of cancer.

Inherited cancers account for only 5% – 10% of all cancers and in many cases lifestyle, diet and improving overall health can help to modify the effects of these gene mutations.  This is shown in more recent research that looks at how our internal and external environment contributes to the development and growth of cancer.  Factors that affect this environment include toxins, certain chemicals, our diet, the overall health of our tissues and immune system, sleep patterns, stress and even our attitude. This is where a Naturopathic approach to health has enormous value.

Kellie Ellington is an experienced Naturopath who has been giving talks to Cancer Support Groups and working with those recovering from cancer for many years.   Please call the centre for any enquiries or call Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday to speak with Kellie directly on 4268 3399.

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