Li Lin Cheah

Kinesiology / Energy Healer / Ka Huna Bodywork


  • Diploma in Kinesiology, International College of Professional Kinesiology Practice
  • ©Inspirit Holistic Healing Practitioner
  • Bachelor of Science majoring in Mathematical Statistics, Monash University
  • Graduate Diploma in Computer Science, La Trobe University
  • ICPKP K-Power® Certified Instructor
  • Ka Huna Massage/Hawaiian Lomi Lomi or Ancient Hawaiian Temple Massage, Pregnancy Massage, Huna Philosophy & Polynesian Healing Systems, Level 4 Advanced Ka Huna Bodywork, Mettes Institute
  • doTERRA® AromaTouch Technique Practitioner
  • Registered Professional Member of the Australian Institute of Kinesiologists

Li Lin is a fully qualified Specialised Kinesiologist with a Diploma in Kinesiology from the International Institute of Kinesiology Australia, and accredited as a Registered Professional Member with the Australian Institute of Kinesiologists.

Born in Malaysia to a family of the Taoist-Mahayana Buddhist tradition in a post-Colonial society and then educated in a science-based scholarly system, followed suit by an accomplished corporate career in information management systems in UK and Australia, Li Lin has always been curious of ancient healing systems and philosophies. She says, “Whenever I am asked how I came to know of Kinesiology, I would always say that it found me! I have found Kinesiology to be a profound and powerful practice that connects with the body’s innate intelligence and recommend it to anyone who is keen to fulfill the journey they were designed to undertake, to try Kinesiology at least once, and why not on a regular basis for a tune-up to rebalance their energies.”

On a personal level, Li Lin is passionate about personal development, goal setting, fitness, nutrition, meditation, yoga and energy healing. She enjoys a balanced lifestyle that involves indoor and outdoor interests; the latter includes rock climbing and teaching recreational scuba diving. She says, “Like the Yin and Yang aspects of the Li Lin Cheah Kinesiology logo, my natural therapy practice [of nurturing qualities] complements my pursuit of outdoor adventures [being outgoing and active]. They underpin aspects of the interconnected mind, body and soul embodying her values in balancing a rich and multifaceted life.”

Li Lin’s life philosophy is underscored in the following quotes which are near and dear to her heart:

  • Find your inspiration
  • To live a reality wilder than dreams
  • Do what you love & love what you do & never have to work another day in your life!


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